Confirmation, also known as confirmation, is one of the sacraments that every Catholic receives in the course of his life. After the church ceremony, tradition has it that a reception is organized for relatives and friends at home, in the restaurant or in a location suitable for ceremonies. In this article we reveal everything you need to know to better organize the reception and the celebration for confirmation.


It is probably the one in which we are more aware of the significance of this ceremony, bearing in mind that it is received at an almost adolescent age. Without forgetting that it is indispensable, as well as all the previous sacraments, to be able to contract marriage in church.

If you are about to organize the confirmation of your son or nephew and do not know where to start, follow this short guide to organize this event in minimum detail without leaving anything to chance.


The Confirmation is given by the Bishop and has as its most important and symbolic the ritual of anointing with the chrism, or the sacred oil. At this moment of the ceremony the Bishop imposes his hands on the forehead of the person who is about to receive the sacrament and then, always on the forehead, draws a cross with the blessed oil pronouncing the formula: “I sign you with the sign of the Cross and I confirm with the symbol of salvation, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit “.

Confirmation therefore consists in confirming the promise and grace received with baptism, as well as bringing the Holy Spirit on the basis of confirmation in order to make him a full-fledged Catholic Christian.

The preparation for this rite takes place immediately after receiving the sacrament of communion and consists of a preparatory course (better known as catechism) lasting about two years.

During this course the focus is on the figure of the Holy Spirit (since in the preparation for confession and communion there has been talk of the figure of the Father and the Son) and therefore the third person of the Most Holy Trinity.


Once the ceremony is finished, you will surely want to offer something to relatives and friends who have come to the event. But where to start to organize the festivities for a confirmation?

First of all, we start from the location where we will have lunch (or dinner depending on the case).

Do you prefer something simple and informal, or an elegant structure maybe with outdoor spaces to let children play and make some nice souvenir photos? Do you like the idea of a location a few steps from the sea or do you love the greenery and the countryside?

In this case, much will also depend on the period in which this rite will be celebrated. If it is in a winter month you will have to opt for something that can guarantee the success of the party even in case of bad weather, if instead it happens during the spring you can opt for outdoor spaces.

You can search Eventonic locations in your province: you will find restaurants, garden locations, farmhouses and many other solutions where you can organize confirmation as you see fit.

You must also take into account how many guests are invited: usually for this type of ceremony you opt to invite only a few close friends for which a small restaurant may suffice. If you do not like big things, you can even organize something at home if you have a large living room or a nice terrace. Always ask for the opinion of the celebrated: try to satisfy his desires within the limits of your possibilities.


The choice of the godfather or godmother is really important as it involves guide figures for the boy (or girl) who will receive the sacrament of confirmation. Usually they are confirmed those who have already been on the day of baptism, the first sacrament in which this figure is required.

The requirements for fulfilling the role of godfather or godmother required by the Church are simple enough. It should:

• be at least 16 years old,
• having received Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation
• and, if already married, do not be separated or divorced.

As happens for witnesses on the wedding day, even the godfather or godmother must be chosen from the persons closest to the celebrated. They do not necessarily have to be relatives and, even if you usually choose the godfather for the boys and the godmother for the girls there is no real rule.

What matters is that it is someone who is confirmed by confirmation or confirmation. This figure is in fact fundamental as it will serve as a spiritual guide accompanying him in the choices of his life of faith.


As for the location, the menu is linked to the period in which you will celebrate the confirmation of your child. In addition, organizing a lunch is very different than organizing a dinner, certainly lighter and with smaller courses.

Depending on your needs and your guests you must understand what type of menu to choose. Try to start with an abundant starter and opt for two samples of first meat or fish based according to your preferences and budget available. A second course of meat or fish and the inevitable cake for confirmation.

Learn about allergies and intolerances of guests and keep in mind that for children you will have to organize a separate menu.


Before the ceremony in the church it is common for friends or relatives who do not attend lunch or dinner to come to your home to wish the celebrated and perhaps to leave him a gift. It is therefore a good idea to prepare a small buffet to offer them too.

If you prefer to stay on the simple you can make something with your own hands: a good tart or some biscuit accompanied by tea or fruit juice will surely be appreciated by your guests.

If you want to organize a lunch or a dinner at home or in a particular location but you are struggling with a thousand preparations and you have little time available, you have two excellent possibilities to guarantee you and your guests a restaurant-style banquet:

• Entrust yourself to a chef at home, especially if the number of guests does not exceed thirty
• Or contract a catering service. These companies have experience in different types of receptions and ceremonies and can best advise their customers not only with regard to the menu, but also with respect to the tablecloth, the hall decorations and every other detail necessary to make even the day of confirmation unforgettable.

Lately the candy is very fashionable, not only in weddings, but also in baptisms, communions and confirmations: you can organize a personalized table for the celebrated with colorful confetti and mashmallow, elegantly distributed in beautiful glass and ceramic jars or boxes colored.

If you decide to do it yourself there are endless online ideas from which to take inspiration.

If instead you prefer to rely on an expert, the companies that offer catering services also make the confetti. You just have to define the budget and agree with them what you prefer. When you rely on good professionals, success is assured and you can pleasantly be immortalized by many beautiful souvenir photos.


Once you have decided where to celebrate you will have to start preparing invitations for confirmation: both online and in gift shops you can find personalized invitations to theme in which you only have to write the name of the celebrated, the church where the sacred ceremony will take place , the timetable and the location where the event will be celebrated.

If you have a good printer, lots of imagination and creativity and a little ‘time available, you can create them on your computer, cut them out and deliver them to your guests. You can also involve the celebrated in this activity: who more than one kid growing up in the internet age can help you? Taking into account that this is his party will certainly be excited about the idea.


In a celebration and in particular in the celebration of a sacrament as important as confirmation, flowers cannot be lacking. Both in the church and in the location chosen by you, you cannot miss a floral detail to make the reception more elegant and welcoming.

The color in this case can only be white, a symbol of purity and faith. You can however play with contrasts, combining the whiteness with a touch of pink if it is a girl, or blue if the celebrated is a boy. But the predominant color must still remain white.

Which flowers to choose for a confirmation?

Recommended lilies, beautiful and perfect for any occasion, either for a simple composition or for something more refined.

The white gerbera is also very suitable, if you want to give a touch of happiness by exploiting the yellow of its corolla.

In the case of the centerpiece, it then leaves room for imagination. For the boy alternates flowers with elements that can please the celebrated, for example you can decide to decorate the centerpiece with objects that refer to the sea if the ceremony is celebrated in spring or summer. Very fashionable then the shabby chic style that will allow you to make small wooden drawers where you can place a scented candle next to a bunch of flowers which can be order if from a best rose delivery service at a same day.

If you’re a celebrity, you’ll be spoiled for choice: you will surely love a floral touch even with delicate colors.


Now let’s move on to the protagonist of the ceremony: how should his clothing be? Unlike the previous sacraments, clothing for confirmation is usually more informal.

Since it is then a pre-adolescent age, probably the celebrated will not love the idea of dressing too elegant. We speak of an age in which it is already maturing or already has tastes or ideas that it will express.

Just like us, even the boys of that age are exposed to the fashions of the moment and therefore they will perhaps want to imitate their favorite singer or their little friends. However, try to make him understand that it is an important ceremony and, even if it is not required the habit or the dress as in the case of communion, it is always a good idea to opt for something simple and refined. A trouser and a shirt for him, a simple dress or blouse and trousers for her.

For mum and godmother of cresimando the dress code is sober and informal: better a unique dress, not long but not too short (better to opt for a length up to the knee), pastel shades, with floral themes but not too much or classic blue. Very well also the matching shirt (or shirt) and trousers or suits.

If you choose a dark and simple dress you can dare with a jacket or jacket with more vivid tones and vice versa. Better to opt for an opaque fabric: to avoid shiny, vinyl or lurex fabrics. No to vertiginous necklines or transparencies too vulgar: to avoid the sequins, instead to the lace.

A simple dress allows you to dare with accessories: choose earrings or necklaces that can bring out your outfit but always without exaggerating. With a neutral dress you can opt for more special shoes such as sandals that can also be golden or silver. Same thing for the bags that on these occasions must really be mini and shoulder bags or real clutch bags.

For the father and the godfather of cresimando trousers are not too light and shirt too. No jacket and tie is required.


As with all great occasions, even in the case of a confirmation it is always thought to have a memory of this event. In particular, the guests will have the pleasure of taking a picture with the party that you can donate them at the end of the party.

As for the photos in the church always ask the opinion of the parish priest: often the use of flash during these events is disliked, so ask permission before starting to take pictures or hire a professional.

Some parishes also make arrangements with a trusted photographer just to prevent the creation of a wave of flashes and photographers ready to capture the right shot (note that during the confirmation ceremony they receive this sacrament usually between 15 -20 cresimandi, then imagine as many photographers more assistants in a church maybe very small!).

Taking advantage of a professional is still the best choice considering that the light inside the church is always very little. Moreover, if you are not familiar with these things it can happen that you miss the most important and unrepeatable moments.

For these events, a professional photographer knows well the budget that a family usually has available and can certainly create a tailor-made promotional package to meet every need.


Still on the subject of memories, the favors are the classic close-party that is given to every guest. While in the past the ideas were more or less the same, today there is really the embarrassment of choice even for those who do not want to spend a fortune.

A timeless idea are the bags in linen or jute or small boxes with the confetti strictly white. You can also give her a touch of originality by inserting only a candy of the color you chose to decorate table and furniture: you can for example opt for blue or yellow if it is a boy, wisteria or rose if the girl is a girl.

In this case, these are wedding favors that you can make yourself if you have a bit of time and a lot of patience: you can recover what you need easily online or from the shopkeeper of trust.

The glass jars with cork or ceramic caps are very popular for a more elegant touch (of those used also for confetti).

Always in line with the trends of the moment you can amaze those who love green and nature with mini succulents or bonsai (but here the cost of wedding favors goes up) or you can bet on something good and original like cupcakes or mini-jams with fruit.

If you prefer to give something useful, you can opt for a room fragrance, mini-coffee makers or the classic salt and pepper.

Beautiful idea also that of solidarity favors: they are symbolic objects that voluntary associations or research (there are so many!) To which you make the donation they send you along with a card that certifies your gesture. Those who receive it will not only have a recollection of your son or nephew’s confirmation but will know about your donation and the association you decided to help (and maybe he or she will be pushed to make one!). The advice is to rely on a known and certified association in order to have the certainty that your help will come to those who need it.

Mention aside for the favor to donate to the godfather or godmother: in this case the choice must fall on an important object as it has the symbolic value of thanking him / her for accepting this role. The idea is to opt for something personal: for the man better to opt for a watch, a bracelet (perhaps with the initials of the celebrated or a thank you phrase), a fountain pen or a vintage object.

For the godmother the choice is wider: also in this case indicated the idea of a bracelet or a watch, but also earrings or a necklace, an object for the home or for the well-being of the body.


What to give to a cresimando? Here too the choice is vast. However, everything depends on the relationship you have with the celebrated and the needs of the same.

If the gift for confirmation is from the godmother or godfather, also in this case you prefer something that has a symbolic value: a necklace with a small cross or in any case an important accessory that can be worn while remembering the day of confirmation.

On the other hand, if the celebrated lover of technology, you can opt for the latest model of smartphone, a tablet, the console for video games or a smarwatch. The SLR camera is also very popular, ideal for photography enthusiasts.

If you are a sporty type you can opt for a bike, a skateboard or the wave board, lately very fashionable among the little ones (ask first the opinion of the parents).

Even the classic envelope containing money is always a welcome gift especially if you know that it is a useful choice for parents to meet the expenses for organizing this event.

If, however, this idea does not make you crazy but you are afraid of making a mistake, you can always opt for a voucher: in this way you will offer to the celebrated the possibility to choose what he likes without the boredom of having to change the gift item or worse pretend that like it.

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