How to Wear Choker Necklaces

There have been many types of chokers used during this time and for different reasons. But the style in which it has been used, adjusted against the neck, has remained the same since it began to exist. This post investigates how the choker necklace came about and how it has become a fashion icon over the years.

I am here to share with you my favorite ways to wear choker necklaces this year. There are many impressive choker designs in today’s fashion thanks to modern designer brands. You can find amazing styles, such as chain links, attractive designs adorned with gold, ribbons, pearls, lace, studs and rhinestones.

Believe me, this beautiful addition can be a great fashion accessory, if you know how to use it the right way. If you want to change your simple outfit and make it look sophisticated and sensual, then you can simply wear a choker around your neck. Keep reading to see modern and creative ways to wear choker necklaces this 2018.

Before buying a new choker necklace, you should consider the width and length of your neck. If your neck is long, you can use wider necklaces with beautiful details and ornaments. For those ladies who have short and wide neck, then I recommend using simple chokers without special details.

I suppose you all know that thin black chokers attract attention to the user’s face instantly. Anyway, let’s go to the choker styles and the ways to use them with your outfit. Therefore, if you are in love with gothic glances, you should try the Victorian style choker Royalty.

I recommend trying a totally black color look, which consists of black chokers, black boots and other black jewelry. Personally, I like lace chokers that look incredibly sexy with dresses and bare shoulders blouses. Are you in love with feminine looks? If you want to show off your femininity, you should try an elegant choker with details in gold and silver, jewel tones, pearls, etc.

Believe me, these sweet neck accessories look amazing with skirts and blouses. If you like 1990 fashion, you should keep things inspired by grunge. Opt for a thin or thick black choker with or without a pendant. I recommend starting with simple clothes with spiked clothes, basic T-shirt, torn jeans and military combat boots.

All you need is to decorate them with bohemian-inspired outfits, like long dresses and sweet shoes. If you like sexy and sophisticated looks, you must combine your sexy choker with daring outfits that are completed with transparent fabrics, lace, wool and leather.

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